Check In: Cosmos

Welcome to the first edition of Twinstake's new "Check In" series, where we periodically explore the latest developments across the blockchain ecosystems we support. As a staking provider, we're uniquely positioned to track and showcase the most impactful...

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Restaking – the next Ethereum paradigm shift

The most important Ethereum event of 2023 – Shapella upgrade – is behind us but innovation in the broader ecosystem will continue. In this newsletter, we explore EigenLayer, a restaking solution for Ethereum and discuss what restaking is, why it matters, what...

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MEV: unlocking the hidden value of Ethereum transactions

In our research piece from last week, we discussed new forms of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) that may be available following the Shapella upgrade. This newsletter explores various MEV techniques, origins and mechanics of the current MEV Boost system that makes...

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